iEHR Preconfigured Section - Allergies

The Allergies section sets a patient's allergies similarly to the Allergy Clinical Tab in MacPractice.


Tap the Allergies list header to search for a new patient allergy from the Add Allergies menu. From the on screen keyboard, type at least three characters and tap the Search button. If the desired allergy is not a search result, the allergy will need to be added to the Allergies node within the Reference ability in MacPractice. If the correct allergy is found in the search, tap the allergy result to add it to the patient's Allergy list. With the allergy added to the patient's Allergies list, tap each field to set the SeverityStatusIdentified DateReactions, and Notes.

Check the Patient has no allergies checkbox to indicate the patient has no active allergies.

Check the Allergies verified checkbox to indicate the allergies have been reviewed. 

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