iEHR Preconfigured Section - Vitals

The Vitals section sets vital measurements along with the date and time the vitals were taken.


Tap the Vitals list header to add a new vitals entry. Within the vitals list entry, enter the vital measurements taken in the HeightWeightPulseBPTempBreaths (per min), and O2 fields. The BMI field will automatically calculate based on the height and weight entered.

The Records from the past field sets the quantity and unit of time in which to display Vitals records. Tap the quantity field to select a number from the How Many menu. Next, tap the unit field to set the time units in the Take menu.

Tap the Pull from Chart button to list all Vitals records for the patient from the database. Tap the desired Vitals record in the Pull from Chart menu to add it to the list. Repeat the process to add additional Vitals records to the list.

The Vitals section uses iEHR interaction Pulling Data.

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