Marketing Reports Quick Start Guide

Patient demographic data is held in these Reports.

Here is an overview of every Report available under Marketing.

Account Primary Person
This Report can be used to find the names and addresses of either the Primary listed on the account, or the statement recipient, depending on which filters are selected.

This Report displays information on discounts given to patients, based on the Percent Discount field in the Account tab.

No Next Appointment
This Report lists patients without an appointment scheduled in the future.

Patient Email Address
This Report allows the viewing and exporting of patients’ email addresses.

This Report generates lists of patients by provider, color label, age, or sex.

Patients by Age
This Report locates patients in the database based on an age range.

Patient by Birthdate
This Report is used to gather lists of patients born during a specific time period.

Patients by Portal Access
This Report is used to manage Portal Access. 

Patients by Status
This Report breaks down the patient list by active, archived, and deleted patients.

Patients by Zip Code
This Report locates patients based on zip codes.

Patients with No Transactions
This Report lists patients without procedures entered in their Ledger.

Persons by Employer
This Report lists the Employer records in the MacPractice database, and the number of Primary or Secondary records associated to that employer.

This Report is where Recalls are managed and where Post Cards can be generated.

Treatment Plans
This Report can be used to track patients with treatment plans.

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