Predetermination Reports Quick Start Guide

This article lists all of the reports under the Predetermination category of the Reports Ability, and summarizes their function. The Predetermination reports can track Predeterminations, and each of them behaves a little differently.

All Predeterminations
This Report displays all Predeterminations and can be filtered by the Predetermination Status.

Outstanding Predetermination
This Report displays all outstanding predeterminations as specified by the report filters.

Outstanding Predetermination by Company
This Report displays outstanding predeterminations sorted by insurance company.

Predetermination Received
This Report displays details for all predeterminations that have been received.

Predetermination Write-Offs
This Report displays all posted predetermination write-offs.

Unscheduled Treatment Plans
This Report displays treatment plans where predeterminations have been received, but do not yet have an appointment scheduled.

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