Schedule Ability At A Glance - Interactive

The schedule ability is where all appointments are made and maintained in accordance with the availability of the providers in the office. The schedule will be the home screen of almost all users in the office. Color coded appointments will quickly notify each user as changes occur in the office.

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the screen to see MacPractice change. Click on an item to read documentation.

Patients Selector: The Patient Selector is used to select a patient.
Sidebar Label: Users can color code a sidebar entry using this popup menu.
Sidebar Plus and Minus: These buttons are used to either create or remove selected records in the sidebar.
Sidebar Search: This field is used to search through a selected node in the sidebar.
Sidebar Header: These columns allow the user to organize the sidebar information.
CalendarThe Calendar is used to keep track of production goals in the office.
ResourcesThe Resources node is used to manage the columns in the schedule.
Offices: The Offices node is used to available office locations on and off.
Online Scheduling RulesThis node is used to configure which providers are available for a given Appointment Type in Online Patient Scheduling.
New PatientsThis node holds patients with an appointment but without charges.
Pending Patients: This node holds patients created with Online Patient Scheduling, but that do not have a confirmed account in MacPractice.
With TreatmentsThis node holds patient appointments with tied treatment plans.
On Call: The On Call node is used to set up a waiting list for patients, or to perform a more advanced search than the Find feature.
Find: The Find node is used to search for open slots in the schedule.
TransparenciesTransparencies are used to demarcate or block off areas of the schedule.
AppointmentsThe Appointments node holds all active appointments on the schedule for a selected date or date range.
CancelledThe Cancelled node holds all cancelled appointments.
MissedThe Missed node holds all missed appointments.
To RescheduleThe To Reschedule node holds all appointments set as to reschedule.
RecallThe Recall node holds all recalls for the selected date or date range.
FormsThis node holds all printable forms active in MacPractice.
Note TemplatesThis node holds all templates created or imported into the Notes ability.
Appointment DisplayThis Reference node is used to configure how appointments appear on the schedule.
Appointment StatusThis Reference node is used to hold and manage all appointment statuses.
Appointment TypeThis Reference node is used to hold and manage all appointment types.

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