MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing - Sending

Users may create new blank messages or forward existing items from the inbox.

  1. For a new message, click the Compose button. You can then search for and select a receiver.
  2. To forward an existing item, mark the checkbox on the attachment preview, then select Send from the menu bar.



Select the recipient. The list of contacts to choose from syncs with MacPractice for easy use. Available options may change depending on the recipient of the message. If a patient is selected, the "Send to EHR" option will send this message to the patient's Attachments/Images Ability as an attachment.


Fill in all of the relevant fields including Subject, Category and Notes. If a date is not entered, today's date will be entered as a default. On the right side, enter any additional recipients.


If needed, add Attachments by clicking the plus button at the bottom of the window and selecting a file. Select Send when done with the new message.

A confirmation will appear as the faxes are sent successfully. It may take 60 seconds for the fax to be transmitted and received.

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