MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing - Faxing Preferences

Preferences are a crucial step in setting up and accessing your Faxing. This is where you will log your Updox Username and Password as well as your Updox Integration Key.

You will also be able to Authenticate your Faxing Account, manually sync contacts and data to your fax account, and set a Default Attachment Status.


The Updox Username and Updox Password are going to be the Username and Password provided to you after setting up their service.

The Updox Integration Key is needed in order to import faxes into MacPractice. You will need to get your Updox Integration Key from the Updox Support Team.

Once you enter the Username and Password you will be able to click the Authenticate Faxing Account button. If the information you've entered is correct, you will see Success and you can continue. If you get a message saying Authentication Failed Unauthorized, you will want to contact Updox to verify the information you've entered.

The Sync buttons allow you to sync contacts and data from MacPractice to your faxing account. This is completely HIPAA compliant and will not send any privileged information.

The drop down for Default Attachment Status will make is so that all faxes imported into MacPractice will have a specific Attachment Status assigned to them.

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