Canadian Codes Manager

The Canadian Codes Manager can be enabled by the request of Canadian offices. When the Canadian Codes Manager is enabled, you will have access to the CDA Fee Codes located in the Managers ability under the Canadian Codes Manager node. Once enabled, quit MacPractice and log back in to MacPractice to access the Canadian CDA Fee Codes.


Using The Canadian Codes Manager
To use the Canadian Codes Manager, access the Managers ability and select the Canadian Codes Manager node from the sidebar. Click the disclosure triangle and select CDA Fee Codes. The CDA Fee Codes screen will present the Master CDA Fees, which is a current list of all CDA fee codes available to MacPractice. Below the Master CDA Fees are the Current Fee Codes, which lists the codes within the Fee Schedule selected under the Fee Schedule Name pop-up menu.

Set the Fee Schedule menu to the desired Fee Schedule, then select the desired CDA Fee codes from the Master CDA Fee list. Hold down the Command key and click on the codes. You can also hold down the shift key to select a series of codes, or use the Command-A keyboard shortcut to select all codes. Drag and drop the selected codes to the Current Fee Codes area, or click the Add to System button to add the codes to the selected Fee Schedule.

By default, codes are added to the Fee Schedule with a $0.00 fee, because the amount charged for each code will vary from office to office. Set the price/fee you wish to charge for each code within the References ability. Select the Fee Schedules node from the sidebar and select the Fee Schedule with the new codes. Select a code from the Codes table and enter the appropriate dollar amount in the Unit Fee box. This will need to be done for each code individually.

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