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Codes Manager is a default feature included with MacPractice. This feature, when purchased, provides access to all ADA Fee Codes from the American Dental Association for a given year, as well as previously distributed Codes in prior years when they were available. Codes in the Codes Manager are an additionally purchased item on your license.

The Codes Manager(s) can only be accessed from the Server Computer when enabled on your practice's license.

Please note that HCPCS and CPT codes are unavailable for purchase. These will need to be added manually via the References Ability > Fee Schedule node, which you can read about in this link here.

ADA codes can be purchased and added to the Codes Manager via the MacPractice Sales Department. These are purchased on an annual basis and are a separate cost from your normal license fees. 

For more information on adding Codes for use in the Codes Manager, please contact the MacPractice Sales Department.

Navigating to the Codes Manager

The Codes Manager is located in the sidebar of the Managers ability. You may see Codes Managers for different years, if you have previously purchased Codes on your license. You can click the triangle icon to the left of the Codes Manager to expand the node and see all Codes available to you.

How to Use the Codes Manager

Before adding the codes to MacPractice, confirm that a fee schedule is set up in the References ability. If no Fee Schedule has been set up, please review How to Create a Fee Schedule.
To add codes to a Fee Schedule in the Managers ability, first select the Codes Manager node for the year which you want to pull codes from. This will load the Codes Manager view:
This view is split into two tables. The top table represents all the Codes available in the Codes Manager which you can add to a Fee Schedule.
The bottom table represents your Fee Schedule. You can select which Fee Schedule you'd like to add to by using the Fee Schedule Name drop down to select the desired one.
You'll use the top table to select which codes you want to add.
  • To select a single code: Simply click on the code you wish to add.
  • Select an entire list: Select one code, and then press Command+A on your keyboard to select all codes.
  • Select a group of codes: You can click on a code and then shift-click another code to select all codes in between the two selections.
  • Select multiple codes: Hold down the Command key and click the desired codes individually.
Once you've selected all the codes you want to add, you can click the "Add to System" button in the lower right to add them to the selected Fee Schedule. You can also drag and drop codes into the bottom table to add them as well.  
You will see a note reporting how many records have been added to the system.
For codes that already exist, and you simply need to update them, you'll still follow the same steps, but you'll want to pay special mind to the three selectors on the right: the Update Existing Fee Data area. Here, you can determine whether to Preserve, Replace, Append, or to Replace if Empty the data in each Fee. You can set these for the Description, Long Description, and Usage Notes.
After the codes are added, you'll want to configure each of these codes for your practice's needs. 

Setting Fees
Once codes are added to a Fee Schedule, you'll need to go into the Fee Schedule (Located in References Ability > Fee Schedule) and set the fee to charge for each code. By default, codes are added to the Fee Schedule with a $0.00 fee, as the amount charged for each code will vary from office to office.

When you've selected your Fee Schedule, you can select a code (or search for a code with the search field) and enter the fee amount in the Unit Fee box. Set the fee for each code individually.

More information on editing a Fee Schedule can be found in the Fee Schedule documentation.


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