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Codes Manager is included with MacPractice, however the codes must be purchased. This feature provides access to all:

  • CPT Fee Codes - Current Procedural Terminology
  • ADA Fee Codes - American Dental Association
  • HCPCS Fee Codes - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
NOTE: The Codes Manager will only display on the MacPractice Server.
When purchased, the Codes Manager will appear in the sidebar of the office's server computer (classified by localhost / root) after the license has been fetched.
For more information on the Codes Manager contact a sales representative, or to purchase this feature contact the MacPractice accounting department.
Navigating Codes Manager
The Codes Manager is located in the sidebar of the Managers ability. Select the Codes Manager node in the sidebar and click the disclosure triangle to the left to see the available code sets. Select the desired type of codes to be added to the system.

DA Fee Codes
The ADA Fee Codes Manager shows the current dental codes from the Current Dental Terminology (CDT) list. The codes are maintained by the American Dental Association (ADA). Click the ADA Fee Codes node in the sidebar to select dental codes from the Master ADA Fee list. To search for a particular group of dental codes, use the Fee Type pop-up menu. Use the Search field, directly below the Fee Type pop-up menu, to search for a particular code.

PT Fee Codes
The CPT Fee Codes Manager shows the current Master CPT Fee list of procedure codes. The CPT is a uniform coding system maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA). Click the CPT Fee Codes node in the sidebar to select the procedure codes from the list. To search for a particular code or types, set the Fee Type pop-up menu or use the Search field, directly below the Fee Type pop-up menu, to search for a particular code.

CPCS Fee Codes
The HCPCS Fee Codes Manager shows the current master list of HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) codes. HCPCS is divided into two principal subsystems, referred to as level I and level II of the HCPCS. Level I of the HCPCS is comprised of CPT codes. Level II of the HCPCS is a standardized coding system that is used primarily to identify products, supplies, and services not included in the CPT codes, such as ambulance services and durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) used outside a physician's office. Level II codes are also referred to as alphanumeric codes because they consist of a single alphabetical letter followed by 4 numeric digits, while CPT codes are identified using 5 numeric digits. The codes listed in the Codes Manager ability are the Level II HCPCS codes. To search for a particular group of codes from the list, select the group from the Fee Type pop-up menu or use the Search field directly below the Fee Type pop-up menu.

ow to Use the Codes Manager
Before adding the codes to MacPractice, confirm that a fee schedule is set up in the References ability. If no Fee Schedule has been set up, please review How to Create a Fee Schedule.
To add codes to a Fee Schedule in the Managers ability, select the Codes Manager node and pull down the disclosure triangle to select the specific Codes Manager from which codes are to be added. In the Current Fee Codes area, set the Fee Schedule pop-up menu with the fee schedule to which you wish to add codes.

To select codes in the Master CPT, ADA, and HCPCS Codes:
  • Select a single code: highlight the desired code
  • Select an entire list: select one code and click Command+A to select all.
  • Select a group of codes: highlight one code, hold down the Shift key, and select another code below or above the highlighted code; this will highlight all codes between the selected codes
  • Select multiple codes: hold down the Command key and select the desired codes.
Once codes are selected, drag and drop them to the Current Fee area. You can also click the Add to System button to add the selected codes to the Current list. You will see a note reporting how many records have been added to the system.

After the codes are added, set the fee for each code. See the Setting Fees documentation for further instructions.

Setting Fees - Codes Manager
Once codes are added to a Fee Schedule, set the fee to charge for each code. By default, codes are added to the Fee Schedule with a $0.00 fee, as the amount charged for each code will vary from office to office. Within the References ability select the Fee Schedules from the sidebar. Select a code and enter the fee amount in the Unit Fee box. Set the fee for each code individually. More information on editing a Fee Schedule can be found in the Fee Schedule documentation.

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