Database Utilities - Archive

Archive utilities allow you to archive records in your database. The benefits of archiving include, but are not limited to, removing unwanted data, removing records that are no longer used, or simply removing unnecessary data for performance issues. Archived records can always be retrieved at a later time if needed.

  • Archive Encounter Forms: The Archive Encounter Forms utility will archive all encounter forms that were printed before the entered date.
  • Archive Paid Incidents: The Archive Paid Incidents utility will archive all incidents that have a zero unpaid value (zero balance) and no open claims. You also have the option to archive all incidents, which will create a new blank incident, or keep the last incident for your patients.
  • Archive Patients With Provider: The Archive Patients with Provider utility will archive patients with the selected provider. Patients with a remaining balance or unapplied payments will not be archived.

  • Archive/Delete Unused Insurance Companies and Plans: The Archive/Delete Unused Insurance Companies and Plans utility will archive all insurance companies and plans that are not tied to any patient or transaction.
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