Database Utilities - Change

Change utilities allow you to move data from one hierarchical sidebar item to another.

  • Change Billing Contract Charge: The Change Billing Contract Charge utility will update the procedure code associated to existing contract charges. Enter the code you wish to update the procedures to (select the fee schedule that contains the code from the Fee Schedule menu). Check the "Select to Change" checkbox for the charges you wish to update, then click Go.
  • Change Carrier For Plan: The Change Carrier for Plan utility will move all patients associated to one insurance plan from one carrier to another. Typically this only needs to be done if a plan was created under the wrong insurance, or if insurance companies need to be combined. Any patients tied to the original plan will be changed to the new plan; the original plan will not be erased.
  • Change Fee Schedule For Fee: The Change Fee Schedule for Fee utility will take a fee that is associated to one fee schedule and move it to a different fee schedule.
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