DR & Imaging - Overview

The DR/Imaging documentation describes the configuration, use, and customization of the Digital Radiography and Imaging abilities in MacPractice.

Once the ability has been purchased, it will be displayed under License Information in the Abilities pane of MacPractice Preferences. If more information is required about purchasing the Digital Radiography ability, please contact the local MacPractice sales representative.

The Digital Radiography ability can be customized with the Digital Radiography Preferences. Many of the configuration steps, settings, and workflow methods described in this document will use the Digital Radiography Preference panels.

To access MacPractice preferences, go to the MacPractice menu and select Preferences, or use the Command-Comma keyboard shortcut.

Please note that documentation specific to Intra-oral Cameras is also available. If a Windows-based imaging software is used, please review the Bridging & Windows documentation.

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