DR & Imaging - CAPTURE 7 - Export, Print, or View in Full Screen

The final CAPTURE step is Export, Print, or View.

  1. Create A Visit
  2. Add Visit Details
  3. Position the sensor
  4. Take the images
  5. Use any post-processing tools
  6. Review the Layout
  7. Export, Print, or View in full-screen <---

A completed layout can be exported, printed, or displayed in full-screen for onsite diagnosis. The layout will also be saved in the Patients with Visits node for future editing or review.

To Export all images for a visit, right click the visit and select Export All Visit Images... from the option menu.
Next, select a Directory (location) for the images to be exported. It is also possible to choose an image format from the Format box, or select a checkbox to include Patient Name, Annotations, or Filters on the exported images. Click the Choose Directory button to export the images.

Print or Save a PDF
To print Digital Radiography images, select the patient's visit and choose File > Print or hold the command key and press the P key. The resulting print menu provides the Image Layout menu, from which a print layout can be selected. Click the Print button to print the images.
To save a PDF of the Layout, select As Laid Out from the Image Layout menu, and select Save as PDF... from the PDF button.
Full Screen View
With any visit selected, click the full screen button to view each of the visit's images within full screen mode.


The images for the visit will display within full screen mode, with thumbnails below to select any other image from the visit.

Within full screen mode, you may also select a new visit or layout from the left menus. The center segmented button selects to display the image layout, or just the individual images from within each layout. The sensor menu selects a new sensor.

Click the full screen button to the right to exit full screen view and return to the MacPractice window.
If you use multiple monitors, you may select to view full screen visits on the Primary or Secondary Display in Preferences > Digital Radiography > General.
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