DR & Imaging - Dexis Integration

DEXIS Integration seamlessly displays DEXIS images in MacPractice. DEXIS digital imaging software images are displayed as thumbnails directly within the DR Image View in MacPractice's Restorative Charting Ability.

Consult Chapter 2 of the DEXIS Mac Software Manual for installation instructions, including creating an administrator account for your DEXIS software.

Install the DEXIS Server application (also called the DEXIS Core) and DEXIS Mac Software on a MacPractice Terminal machine. The DEXIS Server Installer will need to be installed on a machine that is not the MacPractice Server. While both applications use MySQL, the databases are separate and may conflict, resulting in data loss.

Configuring MacPractice for DEXIS Integration
MacPractice integrates with DEXIS through the Preferences window available only on the MacPractice Server. Configure DEXIS in MacPractice Preferences > DEXIS Integrator. Set the fields as follows:
  • Host Name/IP: The IP address of the DEXIS Server or Core Machine. This is the MacPractice Terminal on which the DEXIS Server application is installed.
  • Port: The DEXIS Installation technician or your Network Administrator will provide a port number, such as 8567.
  • Username: The DEXIS ID created when installing the DEXIS Server application.
  • Password: The DEXIS password created when installing the DEXIS Server application.
DEXIS integrates with DR view in Charting, which is accessible through the MacPractice Ledger. To view the DR Integration Tab, open a patient's Restorative Charting view. DR View displays underneath Charting view, within the Clinical Note table. Click the DR View icon to open DR View.

Within the DR View toolbar, select DEXIS in the Source menu.

The Tooth menu display the tooth number of the selected tooth. Navigate the teeth with the back or forward icons in the Tooth # menu. You can also select multiple teeth in Charting View by clicking, holding, and dragging your cursor across a span of teeth.

The DEXIS Integrator in DR View displays as it would in the DEXIS Integrator software. The DEXIS control pad on the left side of the integrator has 5 buttons:

  • Tooth (top left): Displays Intra-oral radiographs
  • Intra-oral Camera (top right): Displays intra-oral photos
  • Head (bottom left): Displays Extra-oral radiographs
  • Camera (bottom right): displays extra-oral photos
  • Screen (center): Launches the DEXIS imaging software
All images of a selected type will display to the right of the DEXIS control pad. When several images are available, use the bottom scroll bar to display additional images.
Hover over any image in the right side display to view the teeth series and acquisition date.
Note: Depending on your settings, DEXIS Integrator and MacPractice may use different Tooth Numbering Schemes.
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