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AutoRemind Notification Profiles describe what, when, where, and how AutoRemind notifications are sent. Once the notification templates have been fetched from AutoRemind Preferences, they will appear in the AutoRemind Notification Profiles node in the References ability.


To create an original AutoRemind Notification Type, select AutoRemind Notification Type in the References sidebar and click the sidebar plus button. Rename this new AutoRemind Notification Type and save the record. From the main MacPractice window, click the plus button and select a template from the menu, then click the OK button. Repeat this process to add multiple templates to the AutoRemind Notification Type. A video of creating a new AutoRemind Profile is available on the AutoRemind Help website.

To edit any AutoRemind Notification Profile, adjust the default settings within the respective column of that data type.

With the AutoRemind Notification Profiles created, set a Default Notification Profile for all patients in the AutoRemind panel of the MacPractice Preferences. A video demonstrating changing the default profile is available on the AutoRemind Help website.

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