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The AutoRemind Manager is used to submit unsent reminders and update the status of sent reminders. Access the AutoRemind Manager on the MacPractice Server by holding the option key on the keyboard while clicking the Managers ability icon on the toolbar. Within the Managers sidebar, click the AutoRemind node.


The resulting AutoRemind Manager can be filtered to locate and sync reminders as needed:


  • Providers: Filters the results by the Appointment Provider.
  • Offices: Filters the results by the Appointment Office.
  • Start/End Date: Filters the results by a date range in which the appointment occurred.
  • Hide No Reminders: When checked, appointments for which no reminder was assigned will also appear within the results.
Note: If the Phone number, Email address, or Text account information is not entered in the Patient tab, no item will appear for that patient.

  • Sync: When checked, the reminder result will be included in the Sync process.
  • First/Last/Birthdate/Phone/Email: The patient demographic information as set in the Patient tab.
  • External ID: The Patient ID.
  • Appointment Date: The date the appointment occurred.
  • AutoRemind Type: The AutoRemind Notification Profile set in the Patient tab within the Reminders sub-tab.
  • AutoRemind UUID: The AutoRemind Universally Unique Identifier.
Check any reminder result within the Sync column, or check the Check All box to select each result. Click the Sync button to initiate the AutoRemind/MacPractice Sync and fetch reminder updates. MacPractice will also automatically sync every few hours. If there are changes, the Schedule's AutoRemind Appointment Display status scheme will update.
Database Utilities
Additionally, AutoRemind settings can be applied globally with Database Utilities, which update all existing appointments or patients.  At the bottom of the AutoRemind Manager, you'll find two Database Utilities.  
  • Update Notification Template: This utility will update all patients with one AutoRemind Notification Type to a selected type. This utility can be used after setting up AutoRemind Notification Profiles to apply the notification settings to existing patients.
  • Update AutoRemind Checkbox On Appointments: This utility will check the AutoRemind checkbox for all existing future appointments in the database. This utility can be used after setting up AutoRemind within MacPractice to apply the appointment settings to existing appointments.

A backup should always be created before running a Database Utility.

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