AutoRemind - Status Messages

The following list of AutoRemind status messages and descriptions was provided by AutoRemind. An updated list may be available on the AutoRemind Help Site and questions can be directed to

Status TextDescription
The reminder request was received and is registered in the AutoRemind system.

In Progress

The reminder was processed by AutoRemind and sent through the appropriate channel (carrier). System is now waiting upon delivery notification.


The reminder was sent to the recipient but AutoRemind is waiting for a response.


The reminder was delivered.
The system is designed to deliver a voice reminder personally, or through voicemail. If neither are possible, the call is automatically rescheduled an hour later. The number of times a call can be rescheduled is set in your AutoRemind dashboard. The notification column will show the next time this reminder call will be attempted.


This status is shown when the user has deleted a previously registered reminder.
The reminder most likely has failed and has not been delivered to the recipient due to an error in recipient information (for example, a wrong number), network error, or other issue.


If a confirmation was requested, this message will appear when the recipient confirms the appointment.
A recipient can decide to be blacklisted from receiving SMS messages or emails. If the user tries to send a reminder to the recipient on a blacklisted communication channel, it will not be accepted, and this status will be shown.

Waiting for Opt-In

Carriers (especially mobile ones) or local laws may require the recipient to opt-in to receive reminders. This status means that AutoRemind has sent a message asking the recipient to accept future AutoReminders. Until such acceptance has been made, the reminder will be flagged with this status.
This status message is typically used with voice calls. Reminder calls may have been rescheduled to a time after the appointment has occurred. In this case the system will not generate a reminder call, but instead flag the reminder with this status.

Reschedule over limit

Voice calls can have multiple attempts for delivery, but limited by a maximum number of calls defined by the user. If the number of calls made is over limit, the system stops calling and sets this status.

Delivered in voicemail

This message appears if the system believes the reminder has been delivered to a voicemail system.
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