Patient Check In App for iPad - Setup

This article will cover the basic set up needed to configure the Patient Check In app. For more usage information, please refer to Patient Check In for iPad Interactions article.

To set up the Patient Check In App for iPad, the Welcome message for Patient Check In can be customized within the Patient Check In App panel in MacPractice Preferences. This will be the message that is presented to a patient when using the Patient Check In App.
To log in to the Patient Check In App, a staff member will use a MacPractice Username, Password, Database Name, and Host Name (MacPractice Server IP Address).


The Patient Check In App will remain logged in between each Patient Check In session, so MacPractice recommends a dedicated MacPractice username that is not otherwise logged in to MacPractice. To create a new MacPractice user, please see the Creating a User documentation.

In iOS6 and higher, Guided Access can be used as a security feature to keep the iPad locked on the Patient Check In App. Set up Guided Access in the iPad Settings, under the General item, within the Accessibility menu. Guided Access is located under the Learning option. Tap the On/Off toggle to turn Guided Access on. Next, tap the Set Passcode button to set a 4 digit passcode that will be used to exit Guided Access within the App.
To turn Guided Access on within the Patient Check In App, open the App and triple click the iPad's Home button at the bottom of the iPad. Next, tap the Start button to return to the App. The iPad will now only display the Patient Check In App. To exit Guided Access, triple click the Home button and enter the Passcode. 
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