Inventory - Adjustment Sheet

The Adjustment Sheet is used to manually adjust the quantity of an item. Click the Adjust Quantity... button on any item within the Items node to access the Adjustment Sheet.

Adjust the quantity within the Adjustment field with the arrows or by manually entering the number by which the quantity should adjust. An associated Reason for the adjustment is required on the adjustment sheet.

If the Reason selected is Purchase Order Received the Adjustment Sheet will also include a Vendor menu to select from where the order was received. New vendors may be added to the adjustment sheet on the fly. When a new vendor is added, MacPractice will prompt the user to navigate to the new vendor within the Vendors node, or to stay on the current page without adding additional detail about the vendor.

For other selected reasons - Initial Quantity, Found, Consumed, Discarded, Lost, and Other - the Adjustment Sheet will include a Comments text field. Comments added to the Adjustment Sheet are visible on the Inventory Adjustments Report.

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