Inventory - Consumed Items Tab

The Consumed Items tab is used to configure how MacPractice manages inventory when procedures are posted to a patient's ledger. Consumed Items are items used by a procedure being performed, or within the process of a transaction, such as when the item is sold. The stock will be automatically decremented as such.

Within the Consumed Items tab, the Qty. and Association columns set how consumed items are decremented when the fee is charged. The Association field sets whether an item is Sold or Consumed, and the Qty. field set the number of units by which stock is decremented from the transaction.

When an item is added to a Fee Schedule from the Retail Items node, the item is automatically added to the Consumed Items tab. When an item is Sold, the Inventory item associated to the fee is marked as sold and the stock for that item is decremented by one unit.

When an item is Consumed, the Qty. field indicates by how many the item's stock is decremented as the fee is charged. If multiple items are consumed within the process of a procedure, first add the inventory item to the Consumed Items tab within the code for that procedure. Next, set the Association field to "Consumed" and adjust the quantity field to indicate by how many units the Inventory stock should be decremented when that procedure code is charged.

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