References - Creating a New Export Preset

There are two ways to create a new export preset:

  • Under References > Export Presets
  • On the fly after clicking the Export button from Reports or the List tab (located in the Drawer)
References > Export Preset:
To create an Export Preset under the References ability, select the Export Preset node in the sidebar then click the plus button to create a new record.

Each area contains specific information that can be pulled out of MacPractice. To select one of these areas, check the box then toggle the arrow down to select the desired pull fields. When you select the desired pull fields that information will appear here allowing you to confirm the selection is the needed pull field.
Creating Presets On The Fly:
To create a preset on the fly, you will need to click the Export button from the List window. This will bring up the Export Popup window. From here, click "New Preset".
The instructions below will work for creating presets from either References > Export Preset or Creating presets on the fly scheme.

First, enter a name for the preset. It may be useful to name the preset based on the information it contains (for example: Patient Addresses).

Click the plus button to create a new preset. With the name created, select the pull fields from the provided menu options. There are eight sub-categories: Patient, Appointment, Account, Referrals, Insurance, Prescription, Person, and Notes. Each preset can include items from only one of these categories, and will only be able to be used with data of that type. That is, if you are creating an export by running the Patients report, or dragging the Patients node to the sidebar, you will only be able to use items under the Patient List category. If you are creating the export list by utilizing the Scheduling reports, or by dragging the Appointments node to the List option, you will only be able to use the Appointment List category. If you are creating a preset via the export window, you will only see the category that applies to the information you are currently exporting.
For more information on Export Presets, please refer to the Drawer - Export Presets article.

After determining which category should be used, you can click the triangle to the left of this to see your list of available pull fields.

If you wish to remove an item from the preset, you can either uncheck it in the list of pull fields, or select it in the column to the right of the pull fields, and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Once you have selected the information you wish to include, save your changes by going up to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut. If you are creating the export preset via the export window, click the Create button. You will now be able to export information using your new preset.
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