Menu Bar - Overview

The Menu Bar, located at the top of the screen, provides contextual menus for each application. 


When MacPractice is the currently selected application, the Menu Bar will display the following menus:

  • MacPractice: Displays items that apply to MacPractice as an application.
  • File: Displays items that apply to specific files.
  • Edit: Displays items that edit and manipulate information.
  • View: Displays items that maneuver to MacPractice abilities, or views.
  • Text: Displays items to format text.
  • Window: Displays items that manage MacPractice windows.
  • Help: Displays items related to using MacPractice.
Each menu title will display a series of menu items, grouped by related functions. Some menu items will display the keyboard equivalent for accessing the item quickly, while others will be hierarchical menu items with submenu options.
The following guide will highlight menu titles and often used or MacPractice specific menu items.
Note: Each ability in MacPractice will activate different titles in the Menu Bar.
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