Menu Bar - View Menu

The View menu displays items that maneuver to MacPractice abilities, or views.


The View menu contains standard menu items, typically found in other Mac OS X applications, such as:

  • Customize Toolbar: Opens the toolbar customization menu.
  • Enter Full Screen: Toggles the window to full screen.
Some View menu items are MacPractice specific, such as:
  • Reload: Reloads the current view.
  • Search: Places the cursor within the search field of the view.
  • Toggle One/Many: Activates One or Many mode.
  • Back: Retrieves the previous view.
  • Next: Advances the View.
  • Zoom In: Zooms in.
  • Zoom Out: Zooms out.
Some View menu items are related to specific MacPractice views, or abilities. The abilities listed in the View menu are the MacPractice abilities you have purchased. To load the related view, select the ability item, such as Scheduling, eClaims, Notes, and so on.
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