Networking - Remote Access

It is possible to access MacPractice remotely, however it is important to be aware of your computer's security and encryption settings.

As you set up MacPractice for remote access, make sure the Internal network and database are secure. Please review the MacPractice recommendations on SecurityOperating SystemFirewall, and the MySQL Database Server.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connects to the office's Internal Network from outside of the office. MacPractice can be accessed remotely through a VPN. For assistance in setting up a VPN, or for recommendations on possible VPN solutions, please contact a local network professional. Due to the unique needs of each office, MacPractice Support cannot assist with configuring a VPN.

Note: While a VPN is an optional additional measure to protect your patients' data, MacPractice encrypts your data in motion so you are not required to use it to satisfy the HIPAA Security Rule.

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