Patient Tab - Portal Access

The Patient Portal allows patients to access visit summaries, submit appointment requests, fill out online registration forms, and have secure communications with the office.

Use this tab to designate which PHI Portal users are granted access to a patient's account. Click the plus button, then search for and select a PHI Portal user in the resulting sheet. Add another user on the fly by pressing the plus on the top right and entering in the contact information. Users may also be created in the References or edited when in the portal itself. 

Multiple PHI Portal users can be added for the patient. To distinguish which of the listed PHI Portal users is that of the patient, select the button within the Same Person as Patient column for that user.

Only the data available for the patient will display within Patient Portal. For example, the patient image on Patient Portal will be blank if there is no patient image set for the patient in MacPractice. Similarly, if the Patient does not have any upcoming appointments scheduled, no appointments will display.
Reset Password
Resetting a password is easy. Simply select the user and click on Reset Password. You may choose to enter a password for the person or have MacPractice generate and print one automatically. Users are allowed to update their login information within the portal.  
Print Portal Instructions 
Print instructions using this button or while resetting a user's password. This form is standardized and defaulted in the system. Contact the MacPractice forms specialist if you would like to discuss options to customize this. 
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