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The Register tab can be found by selecting a patient from the main screen of the patient portal. The registration is different per patient allowing the patients to have multiple addresses on file. Online Registration with EHR Forms is an extra feature that can be purchased to enhance the patient portal.

The Register tab has two purposes: patient demographics and patient intake forms. The patient can update their demographics at any time by clicking on the View/Change button within the register tab. 

Once this button has been selected, MacPractice will automatically display the patient's current demographics. The patient can select each field and update the information directly. This will help eliminate typos from transcribing patient handwriting on paper forms. Click Submit Form once the patient has finished updating the demographics. This will automatically create an order within the patients chart and assign it to the user set up in the refereneces. 

The patient can also be assigned online EHR forms to be filled out through the patient portal. This will allow the user to complete their intake forms before coming into the office. If the portal access was set up with an email address, the patient will receive an alert informing them that a new registration form has been made available. The Register tab will also display a badge when a form has been assigned to the user. The form will be highlighted in green when it is new for the patient. 

Once the patient has selected the link, they will be able to fill out the online form. This information can be seen in the EHR ability of MacPractice. The patient can select this form as many times as needed until the appointment in the office. This will allow the user to save their work as they complete portions of the form. 

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    Julie Hill

    THIS INFO IS OUT OF DATE the Register tab no longer exists. Patient demographics are updated in the Patient Details tab by using the "I need to make a change" button. Forms are accessed through the "Forms" tab. The "I Need to Make a Change" button will generate an order for the office which can be auto-filled into the patient chart.