Portal - Health Records

The Health Records tab can be found by selecting a patient from the main screen of the patient portal.

The Health Records tab allows the user to View, Download, or Transmit their Clinical Summary. This clinical summary meets the Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture defined by ONC certification. These health records do not automatically post to the patient portal. Instead, the clinical summary must be exported from MacPractice.

The patient can select View Document to open up the clinical summary in another tab of their browser. This tab will display the clinical summary and all of the information that was exported by the office. The patient also has the option to download this file as an HTML, XML, or XSL format. These links will instantly download the summary to the computer. The final option is to Send to a Doctor. 

Sending this document is not as simple as it sounds. Both offices must have Direct Messaging setup through their EHR software. This feature should be setup for your office if you've purchased our Secure Messaging ability. The patient must enter a valid direct address to send this summary to another provider. The patient portal will confirm that the address is valid and secure before transmitting PHI. 

A Correction can be requested if the patient sees any error on the clinical summary. Simply click the Request a Correction button to be transitioned to the Corrections tab

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