Time Clock Window Breakdown

In the Time Clock window, you will see a breakdown of the time you've been clocked in for the day:

These records are created as employees clock in and out for Regular Hours, Break, etc:

As a Break or Regular Hours, for example, progress, a block will be created in the Time Clock Node:

A Time Clock record may be edited by either 1) double-clicking on the Time Clock block itself, or 2) double-clicking on the Time Clock record in the Time Clock Ability sidebar. This can be done retroactively, too (for a previous date). In the resulting window, a block may be edited for Start Date, Start Time, Record Type, etc.

Note: New Time Clock records may be created by dragging on an open slot in the Resource.

The time is broken down into four parts:

  • Total Regular is the amount of time for which you are on the clock, or billable work hours.
  • Total Break is the amount of time you are clocked out for break.
  • Vested Break will show you the amount of your break for which you are getting paid. So if you take a 20 minute break where only 15 minutes are allotted, then your Vested Break is only 15 minutes and the other 5 are unpaid. If you wish to change the amount of time that is set to be paid, you can change the preference here:
  • Total Time shows the full amount of time you spend clocked in over the course of a day.
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