DR Bridges - About Bridges

MacPractice bridges to several different Mac & Windows-based imaging applications, including:

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    Carlos Gonzalez

    There are several bridges that do not have a "Key Bridge On" option in the preferences. For those that do not have that option you will not be able to link over to existing patient accounts in the other Imaging software that we use the bridge with. The bridge when used will create a new account for the patient that is in MacPractice. Your options are to make the new account using the DR bridge initially. This will create the new patient in the Imaging software with no images associated to them. You will want to export out of the old account the images that belong to the patient then add them in to the current account that we created using the bridge. Keep in mind that this is an issue with bridges that can not "Key Bridge On'" within the preferences. Unless conversions can make a conversion to work for them there is nothing else that can be done other than what I have explained as an option. Here are those bridges that do not have a "Key Bridge On" option in the preferences. aMac, TrophyMac, RsvMac, RadioVision, DEXIS Mac (different integration/bridge).

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