DR Bridges - Mac OS X File Sharing

It is strongly recommended that you consult an Apple/Windows Network Technician for assistance setting up these folders. We will not be covering the Windows installation process; please consult a Windows Technician for assistance with that configuration.

The user home directory is typically hidden on the Mac. The best thing to do in this case so that you can navigate to the directory when setting up sharing, or mapping is the following.
  1. Click on Finder in the dock
  2. Select the User Home Directory and then with it selected press Command + J
    • If you cannot see the User Home Directory, navigate to the Finder Menu > Preferences > Sidebar tab, and check the folder labeled the user folder.
  3. Select the show Library folder option clicked on then close that window. This will allow for easy navigation to the hidden directory.


On your Mac, go to your System Preferences, then select your Sharing pane. Make sure you have File Sharing enabled in your Sharing list. Then, click the plus button below the Shared Folders list to add a new shared folder.
Navigate to the WindowsBridge folder and click the Add button.

Next, you need to ensure the folder has the correct privileges for all users that will need to access it. Set all users that will need to add or remove items from the folder to Read & Write.

Then, click Options. Check the "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)" and check the On checkbox for each user that will be using the bridge. You will be prompted to enter the user's password. This is a computer user's password, which may be different from the MacPractice username and/or password. MacPractice Support will not have this information. The credentials must match the Windows user password in order to access the folder from the Windows operating system. If the passwords do not match, the Windows software cannot access the SMB share without prompting for a password.

Click Done and close the System Preferences window when you have finished.
Note: If the Operating System is ever updated, File Sharing may need to be re-enabled.
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