DR Bridges - MacPractice Bridge Folder Mapping

Before you continue, confirm the bridge is set to look at the correct folder. Go to the MacPractice Bridge window click File and select Preferences. In the MacPractice Bridge Preferences window, click the Select button and select the shared folder you created. The default location is psfWindowsBridge. It may also be off the M: drive if you navigate to the WindowsBridge. If so, the selected path will just display M: as shown in the image below.

Click the OK button to set the path.

Of the WindowsBridge drive does not appear as an option, check to confirm you have mapped the network drive correctly. If it still does not show up, you may need to contact a local Windows technician for assistance.

DR Bridges - Test the Bridge

After you have finished configuring the bridge, go to MacPractice and add the DR Bridge icon to your toolbar.

If you have multiple bridges, click and hold the DR Bridge icon. A menu will appear and you can select the bridge you wish to use. After you select the bridge, you are ready to start entering or using your bridge to view patient information.

When a patient is selected in your MacPractice software, click the DR Bridge icon to open the patient's record in the selected Windows-based DR program.

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