HL7 Overview

Note: The HIE consent flag ability must be turned on in order to function as described in this section. If the ability is not turned on MacPractice can assist in enabling the HIE consent for all patients.

The HL7 feature allows HL7 messaging between MacPractice and a third party source. Specifications provided by the third party HL7 company will impact set-up within MacPractice.

For any type of HL7 messaging, checking the HIE (Health Information Exchange) Consent flag confirms a patient has signed the HIE to allow demographic and medical information to be sent as HL7 messages. If the HIE Consent checkbox is not checked, HL7 messages will not be sent for the patient.

The HIE Consent flag can be set for each individual patient, for the default patient, or for all patients automatically:

  • To set the HIE Consent flag for each patient, check the HIE Consent box located in the Patient tab of the patient.


  • To set the HIE Consent flag for all new patients by default, check the HIE Consent box located in the Patient tab of the Default patient, located at the top of the Patients ability sidebar.
  • The HL7 panel of Preferences contains an Enable HIE Consent button within the Outgoing tab. When the Enable HIE Consent button is selected, all current and new patients in the MacPractice database will have the HIE Consent checkbox enabled.

Continue setting up HL7 messaging in MacPractice with one of the following guides:
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