Schedule - Recall / Follow Up Node

The Recall/Follow Up Node controls the Recalls or Follow Ups feature in MacPractice. This will be named differently depending on the edition of MacPractice that you currently have.

If you are using MacPractice MD, DC, or 20/20, this will be the Follow Up node. If you're using MacPractice DDS, this will be the Recall node.

This article covers the interface of the node. If you're looking for a guide on how to configure Follow Ups/Recalls, please refer to our guide article here.

If you have a patient selected, you will see all Recalls/Follow Ups that have been added to the patient's record.

If you do not have a patient selected, the node will display all recalls or follow-ups for the selected day(s) in the schedule. 

The appointments listed under the Recall or Follow Up node of the Schedule sidebar displays patients in black, blue, or green text. Each of these colors communicates 

  • If the name appears in green text, it indicates the patient has a Recall or Follow Up and is linked (tied) to an appointment on the schedule.
  • If the name appears in black text, it indicates the patient has a Recall or Follow Up created from a charge but the Recall or Follow Up either has not been scheduled, or is not associated to an appointment.
  • If the name appears in blue text, it indicates that the patient has a Recall or Follow Up that is tied to an appointment that has been flagged as missed/cancelled.

Connecting the appointment to the Recall or Follow Up is vital to having the reports work correctly for marketing and reminders. The How to Set Up and Use Follow Ups/Recalls article can guide you through this process of setting up this feature.

You can identify whether an appointment is a recall appointment or not by looking at the outline of the schedule block:


  • The appointments that appear on the Schedule with a green border are appointments that have been linked to a Recall record on the patient's account.
  • The appointments that appear with a blue border on your Schedule are standard appointments for your patients; they are not tied to Recalls.
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