ePrescribe FAQ

How do I remove ads and eCoupons from ePrescribe?
The ads and eCoupons seen in ePrescribe are a normal feature that showcase drug advertisements and coupons that are available for your patients. These are features that NewCrop has integrated into their ePrescribing product and they can be removed in the ePrescribe Admin Settings by any user who has Doctor Privileges.

Once inside the Admin tab, check the boxes next to Hide Patient eCoupon and Hide Banner Popups, then click save.

How Do I Find a Patient When Searching SureScripts (RxHub)?
When attempting to find a patient in the SureScripts database (RxHub) to import a patient's previous medications, the patient cannot be found because of some missing demographic information.

When searching the RxHub, be sure you are searching by all of the following criteria: First and Last name, Date of Birth, Gender and Zip Code

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