Installation - MacPractice Installer

The Installer window presents with a Mac OS X alert that explains that the installer will first determine whether the software can be installed.


This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed.

To keep your computer secure, you should only run programs or install software from a trusted source. If you are not sure about the software source, click Cancel to stop the program and installation.

Click the Continue button to continue the installation.

The Installer begins with an Introduction, which welcomes you to the MacPractice DDS Server Update Installer. It explains that this will update the MacPractice Server.

The Introduction also presents a reminder to create a backup, if you did not do so earlier in this process.

If you did not create a MacPractice backup, quit this installation and do so before installing this package.

Creating a backup is the only way to recover from data loss. Do not ignore this warning. Create a backup of your data as described in Create a Backup.

When you are ready to proceed with the installation, click the Continue button.


The Installer will then present an "Important Information" prompt.


You can print this page with the Print button or you can save this page with the Save button. You can also go back to the Introduction with the Go Back button.

Click the Continue button to continue following the installation prompts.

Once you click continue, a browser window opens in front of the Installer window. The MacPractice Installer Support page lists the version from which you are updating and offers additional assistance with the update, should you require more help.


Within the Installer, the Software License Agreement displays. This is the standard  MacPractice application software license.


You can print this page with the Print button or you can save this page with the Save button. You can also go back to the Introduction with the Go Back button.

Click the Continue button to continue following the installation prompts.

The Installer will ask you to agree to the license to continue installing the software. You must agree to the terms of the software license agreement to use the MacPractice software.


Click the Read License button to return to the standard license panel. Click Agree to continue or click Disagree to cancel the installation and quit the Installer.

You will then be able to select the disk where you want to install MacPractice.


The Installer will then explain the default Installation Type, or allow you to customize your installation. By default you will be offered a Standard Install on your server's hard drive. The amount of space this will take on your computer will also be described.


You can click the Customize button to change the installation or you can click the Go Back button to return to the previous Installer panel. If you do not wish to change the installation location, click the Install button to continue with a standard installation.

A Mac OS X alert will then present to request the administrator password.

Installer is trying to install new software. Type your password to allow this.

MacPractice will not have this information. Contact your administrator if you do not have these credentials.


Generally, the Username field has already been populated and you will only need to add your password to the Password field and click the Install Software button to continue.

The Installer window will then inform you that when this software finishes installing, you must restart your computer.


Click cancel to end the Installer or click the Continue Installation button to continue installing MacPractice.

The installation will then begin. The progress indicator explains the specific installation steps. It also offers a visual indicator as to how far along the process is currently.

Do not force quit this process; allow MacPractice enough time to complete this installation.

When the update has finished, you will see a message informing you the installation was successful. Click the Restart button to finish installing the software and restart MacPractice.

Your server has now been updated.

Launch MacPractice and log in using your username and password. The Server IP address and Database Name within the Database Connection settings should be the same as they were before the update.

As the MacPractice Server has been restarted, the MacPractice Security password created during the initial installation will be required to access the database and log in to MacPractice. Add the Security Password to the field and click the OK button.

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