Updating - Update MacPractice with Apple Screen Sharing

Apple's built in Screen sharing application allows you to manage your MacPractice updates from a single location. To begin, ensure that screen sharing is enabled on your client computers. On each computer, open System Preferences > Sharing and enable Screen Sharing by click the checkbox next to it.


When screen sharing is turned on, you may restrict this to only certain users, such as administrators. An administrator can then access these computers remotely from a single computer, as long as they are on the same local subnet. Enable the Only these users radio button and click the plus button to select the users.

On the administrator's computer within Finder, the Network or Shared list will display each networked computer.
Click the screen sharing button next to each computer with screen sharing enabled to open an authentication dialogue. Enter one of the computer's usernames and passwords to share the screen.


Within the share screen windows, you can easily install MacPractice on several client computers at once.

You will first need to obtain the MacPractice Client Installer. See Download the Installer from the Download Site for instructions on using the download site.

Once you have obtained the package, drag the installer package to the screen sharing window to easily drop it to that computer. You can then run the installer as you normally would. This can be done on multiple client computers at once. If the computer needs to reboot, the screen share can remain open, and will reconnect automatically as soon as the computer comes back online.

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