Installation - Connecting the Client and Server

Generally, your software settings will remain after updating and will not need to be re-entered. If you do need to reconnect the client machine to the server, open the Drawer on the Login window and enter in the IP Address of the MacPractice Server computer along with the name of the MacPractice database.

Database Access (Passcode Pairing)
Each MacPractice Client will need to be paired with the MacPractice Server using a passcode presented on the device. If you have installed a version of MacPractice 5+ previously, this step has likely already been completed and will not need to be repeated.

If you have not previously installed 5.0+ or this is a new device, you will need to complete this step before you can access the MacPractice database. When a MacPractice Client attempts to connect to the MacPractice Server, a 4 digit passcode is generated and remains open for 60 minutes. Print the instructions, which include the passcode and the expiration time.


On the MacPractice Server, add the passcode in Preferences > Database Access as shown in the printed instructions. The device will be added to the Database Access list and paired with the MacPractice Server. Once this step is complete, the Client will be able to connect  to the Server.


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