Installation - System Confirmation

Before installing MacPractice, confirm your server hard drive uses a case-insensitive file system. Select the hard drive icon, then click the File menu and choose Get Info (command + I). In the resulting window, the format of most Mac computers will be listed as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). If the format is Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) or Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive), please contact Apple for assistance with reformatting the hard drive.

Next, confirm your computers meet our System Requirements. Almost all the information can be found by clicking the Apple menu and selecting About This Mac. The resulting window will display the OS version, the processor, and the amount of memory.

To find the size of the hard drive, select the hard drive icon, then click the File menu and choose Get Info (command + I). The resulting window will display the hard drive's total capacity and available space.

Once you have confirmed your systems, you are ready to continue with the MacPractice Installation.

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