Creating a Blank Database

If this is your first installation of MacPractice and you are starting fresh, you'll need to create a blank database to house all of your office's data. This article covers how to create a blank database on Builds 12.5 and earlier. If you're looking to create a blank database in 12.11 and higher, please refer to the Server Management App article here.

If you have not already installed the MacPractice Server, please refer to the Downloading and Installing MacPractice article before continuing. 

If you have followed the instructions in the Downloading and Installing article, you should have the MacPractice Server application on your dock. Click the MacPractice icon to open the Server application. You'll be presented with a log in prompt.


You'll note there is a gear icon in the upper right hand corner, highlighted in the above screenshot. This gear icon allows you to access the Connection Settings view. Click this Gear Icon.
You'll note that the fields in the Connection Settings drawer are greyed out. In order to edit these fields, you'll need to click the lock icon, shown in the below screenshot. You'll be prompted for the computer administrator username and password. Once entered, the fields will be unlocked. 
In the Server IP Address, "localhost" should be entered into this field. If it's not, enter it as in the screenshot below. You can leave the Database Name as macpractice. 

Once the Connection Settings are confirmed, log into MacPractice by using the username admin and the password password. Click the triangle to the right of the password to start logging in. 

MacPractice will prompt asking for a security password. The security password was created during the initial installation of MacPractice. This password is extremely important as the database cannot be accessed without it. If you can not remember the password, MacPractice Support might be able to assist with retrieving the last Security password set from the installer if there was an active internet connection at the time of running the installer. At this stage, if you have no database there is no risk of losing any data, but this serves as a good reminder that you should always have your Security Password at hand.

MacPractice will prompt asking to create a new database. Select Authenticate to proceed. You'll need your Computer Administrator password again.

MacPractice will set up a default database. The serial number given to the office at the time of purchase is needed to personalize this database. Contact MacPractice support if the serial number is unknown.

MacPractice will open and bring up windows with information and instructions. Java will need to be installed on the MacPractice server. A popup will navigate to an official site to download and install Java. MacPractice will also prompt to install forms. Proceed with this process by clicking the install button. This should complete the process of creating a blank database. Now we can start populating your MacPractice Server!

Tutorials for New User Orientation can be found in the HelpDesk. Help Videos will also help ease the transition into the MacPractice suite.

If you have new clients to install MacPractice for, please read the Downloading and Installing Article.



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