Installation - Installing the Client

Before you download and install MacPractice on the client computers, make sure the MacPractice Server computer is running MacPractice. You can download the MacPractice Client application on all the client computers at once, if desired. (Please review the documentation on Downloading MacPractice for more information)

After the MacPractice Client installer has downloaded, click the zip file with the extension .pkg.tar.gz to extract the MacPractice Installer. The Finder window will open, displaying the Desktop contents. Double click the .pkg (orange box) to start the installation process for the MacPractice Client. The MacPractice installer will run a quick verification test to make sure that MacPractice can be installed on the designated computer. After the verification test has completed, the installation process will continue. In the Installer window, you should see an Introduction page. Click the Continue button. 
From the Read Me window, note any OS compatibility information and click Continue.

You will notice that the Installation Type window does not have a Customize button as the Server installation had, this is because the client computer only installs the MacPractice application. Click the Install button to install MacPractice.
After the Install button is selected you will be asked to enter an Administrator username and password for the server computer. MacPractice will not have this information; the installation process cannot continue without this information. 

The MacPractice Client installation will start. The installation will be quick; when the installation has completed a confirmation window will appear, click Close to exit the installation process.

Launch the Application

With the MacPractice Client application installed, you may want to place MacPractice on the computer's Dock. Go to your Application folder and locate the MacPractice folder. From the MacPractice folder select the MacPractice icon then drag it to the Dock.

Click the MacPractice icon on the computer's Dock to open the MacPractice Login window. From the Login window, open the Drawer and enter in the IP Address of the MacPractice Server computer along with the name of the MacPractice database.

Connecting a Client to the Server

Each MacPractice terminal will need to be paired with the MacPractice Server using a passcode presented on the device. When a MacPractice terminal attempts to connect to the MacPractice Server for the first time, a 4 digit passcode is generated and remains open for 60 minutes. Print the instructions, which include the passcode and the expiration time.

On the MacPractice Server, add the passcode in Preferences > Database Access as shown in the printed instructions. The device will be added to the Database Access list and paired with the MacPractice Server. You can also use this area to disable a computer's access to MacPractice as well.

If you experience difficulties connecting the MacPractice Client to the MacPractice Server, please see the MacPractice Network documentation. You can also try reinstalling the client package by downloading it from the MacPractice Download Site. If you continue to have issues, don't hesitate to contact MacPractice Support! 

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