Updating - Server Update

Before updating the MacPractice Server, make sure all other computers are logged out of MacPractice and that a current backup of your MacPractice data has been made just prior to updating. For help creating a backup, please see Manual Backups.

To begin updating, log in to MacPractice and open up the MacPractice Software Update window within the MacPractice menu, under Update MacPractice.


Click the Download & Install button. This will download the installation package.

Once it downloads, MacPractice will inform you that it is going to quit. (This is a necessary process for Updating and it means that all of your clients will be down while the Server updates.)

Once you click OK, the installer will open and you can begin the process.

The first window that opens will run a program to determine that your computer will be able to run the software. Click Continue.


It will remind you that if you haven't made a backup, it would be wise to re-open MacPractice and create a new back up at this time. Click Continue to move on if you are confident you already have a backup made.


From here, you will see that a website opens up in a new browser window. This directs you to MacPractice Support should you require assistance.

Once you've read the MacPractice License Agreement, click the Continue button.
When this window pops up, you will want to click Agree.

After accepting the license agreement, you may be asked to enter the Operating System administrator account's username and password for the server computer. Enter the administrator user's credentials and MacPractice will download the update. After the download has completed, you will receive an alert that MacPractice will quit. Click the OK button.
The next page will show you where your MacPractice Update will be installed. usually by default this will be correct. You may change it if you need to by clicking the Customize button. If it is correct, you can click Install.

To authorize the installation of the update, you will be asked to enter an administrator account's username and password for the server computer. MacPractice will not have this information; the update process cannot continue without this information. Enter in the administrator account's username and password, then click Install Software.

After entering the computer's Administrator username and password you will get a confirmation window informing you that your computer will reboot when the installation is complete.
If you click Cancel, the installation process will quit. Otherwise click Continue Installation. The installation process will start. Do not force quit or interrupt the installation process until it has completed on its own.

When the update has finished, you will see a message informing you the installation was successful. Click the Close button and restart MacPractice.
If you are updating to Build 12.11 or higher of MacPractice, there is an additional step required. We introduced the Server Management App in these builds, which is documented in this article here. You will need to click the Gear Icon at the login prompt. You'll see a button labeled "Server Management App". Click this button.
Once the Server Management App launches, follow the instructions at this link here to learn how to set up a Server Management App user and other useful information regarding the App.
If you've updated to a build earlier than 12.11, then you'll simply launch MacPractice and log in. As the MacPractice Server has been restarted, the MacPractice Security password created during the initial installation will be required to access the database and log in to MacPractice.
To complete the update process, you may be prompted to update the database. If so, click Update.

Do not force quit the database update. It may take some time, depending on the version of MacPractice you are using, the specifications of the server computer, and the database size.

Authorization may be required to reset the system sleep time. Click OK and enter the Operating System administrative username and password, then click Continue.

Once finished, the MacPractice server will restart. You can then update the clients at your leisure.
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