Updating - Update the Client Computer

Before updating any MacPractice Client computers, confirm that the MacPractice Server has been updated and is logged into MacPractice. The download may take some time, depending on your network set up, the specifications of the computer, and the MacPractice version. Allow enough time for the update to complete.

If you are using Digital Radiography, click Here before updating. 

MacPractice Client Update
After the MacPractice Server has been updated and successfully logged in to MacPractice, all client computers can be updated at once, if desired.
To begin updating, log in to MacPractice and open up the MacPractice Software Update window within the MacPractice menu, under Update MacPractice.
Check the box next to the available MacPractice update to activate the Download & Install button of the update window. Click this button to download the update.
Read the MacPractice License Agreement, and click the Agree button.
After accepting the license agreement, you may be asked to enter the Operating System administrator account's username and password for the computer. Enter the administrator user's credentials and MacPractice will download the update. After the download has completed, the Introduction window will open. Click Continue to start the updating process.

If you have multiple hard drives on your MacPractice Client, make sure to select the correct drive. Once this has been confirmed click the Install button.
The installation process will start. Do not force quit or interrupt the installation process until it has completed on its own.
When the update has finished, you will see a message informing you MacPractice will now quit. Click the OK button. MacPractice will close leaving the Update installer window open. Click Close in the installer window to complete the update. You can then reopen MacPractice and log in to the new version.
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