iEHR Preconfigured Section - Preventive Care

The Preventive Care section records a list of Preventive Care procedures associated to a patient. Tap the Preventive Care list header to select the procedure and frequency in the dual column Add Preventive Care menu. If the desired Preventive Care procedure is not listed, a record for the measure will need to be created in the References ability within the Preventive Care node.


The Records from the past field sets the quantity and unit of time in which to display Preventive Care procedures. Tap the quantity field to select a number from the How Many menu. Next, tap the unit field to set the time units in the Take menu.

Tap the Pull from Chart button to list all Preventive Care records for the patient from the database. Tap the desired Preventive Care record in the Pull from Chart menu to add it to the list. Repeat the process to add additional Preventive Care records to the list.

The Preventive Care section uses iEHR interaction Pulling Data.

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