iEHR Preconfigured Section - Problem List

The Problem List section records patient problems from Diagnosis Codes listed in the database.


Tap the Problem List list header to add a new list entry from the Add Problem List menu. Search for the Diagnosis code or SNOMED code and tap the result. If the Diagnosis Code or SNOMED codes does not result from the search, it will need to be added to the database in the Diagnosis node of the References ability in MacPractice.

New in iEHR 9.9 in conjunction with MacPractice Gen 9 Build 9.9.6, we've added Favorites into the iEHR Problem List section. Now, any diagnosis codes you have marked as a Favorite in MacPractice will be readily accessible when selecting diagnosis codes.

For more information on Favorites, please refer to this article.


Once the code has been added to the Problem List list header, tap the code to edit additional information, including Onset date, Type, Status, Resolved date, and so on. Tap the Current Problem checkbox to indicate the problem is still present for the patient. Tap the Use in procedures checkbox to make the diagnosis code available to associate to procedures.

Tap the Problem List verified checkbox once the problem list has been reviewed.

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