Ledger - Rebuild Treatment Plans

When a change is made to an insurance plan, or a procedure type in an existing Treatment Plan is changed, you will need to Rebuild the Treatment Plan.

When you need to rebuild, you will see a red icon that looks like this:


All you need to do is click the icon and the treatment plan will recalculate for you.

A window will pop up to let you know if the patient portion will increase, decrease, or remain unaffected. If the patient portion does change, it will tell you by how much.


You will also see a breakdown of the changes. The top window has a breakdown of each charge in the Treatment Plan. Below that you will see a window called Current Treatments, this is what the unaltered Treatment Plan looks like. The After Rebuilding window shows you what the Treatment Plan will look like after it is rebuilt.

Once you verify the changes, you can click the Rebuild button.

After the treatment plan is rebuilt, it automatically inserts a comment into the Treatment Plan, remarking the change that was made, who made the change, and when it was done. You also have the option of showing this on the statement.

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