Ledger Preference - Sort Ledger Transactions by Posted Date vs. Procedure Date

Most transactions in MacPractice will have two dates associated with them:

  • The Posted Date defaults to the date that it was entered into the computer, and cannot be edited.
  • The Procedure Date, (commonly abbreviated as Proc. Date) will default to the date transactions were entered, but can be edited. This is the date that will be printed on claim forms.

The majority of reports in MacPractice can be run based on either the posted date or procedure date.

You can also choose to sort your ledger by either of these dates. By default, it will be sorted by posted date, but this can be changed under Preferences. Go to the MacPractice menu, select Preferences, then select Ledger in the sidebar. The first option under the General tab allows you to choose which date you would like to use to sort ledger transactions. Your preferences will be saved automatically when you close the preference window.


This is a local preference, meaning it can be set differently on each computer in your office. If you notice transactions appear to be "out of order" on one computer compared to the others, confirm this preference is consistent between computers.

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