AuthPayX Payment Processing (Builds 11 and earlier)

Disclaimer: AuthPayX is an integration that is compatible with MacPractice Builds 11 and earlier, and is no longer featured in the software in Build 12 and above. AuthPayX does not function properly on MacPractice Build 12. If you are an AuthPayX customer, we strongly discourage you from updating to MacPractice Build 12 while we investigate this issue. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact MacPractice Support. The following information is retained for legacy purposes. 

If TSYS or Global Payment Processing is added to your license, AuthPayX will be disabled as it fully replaces it.

If you are interested in a payment processing solution in Build 12, please refer to our TSYS Integration, which you can read more about here.

AuthPayX is a credit card processing system that can be integrated with MacPractice, allowing you to process credit card payments and refunds directly from the ledger. If you are interested in purchasing AuthPayX, please contact the Corporate Sales department at (646) 305-9008 or

If you are looking for technical support on a payment that did not appear on AuthPayX but appears to have processed properly in MacPractice, you will need to contact AuthPayX support at (630) 673-4742.

AuthPayX - Configuration
MacPractice Support will be unable to assist with the installation and configuration of the AuthPayX software and credit card reader. However, once these components are set up, it is easy to set up the MacPractice integration. Simply go to your MacPractice preference window and select Ledger in the sidebar. In the Ledger preferences, select the Payment tab, then the Patient Payment sub-tab. Check the "Use AuthPayX for Credit Card Payment" checkbox. The default AuthPayX application path is listed below, but you can click the Find button to manually navigate to the application.


Once the checkbox is enabled, and the application path is set correctly, close the preference window; your changes will be saved automatically. You can now use MacPractice to process credit card transactions.

AuthPayX - Usage
Once you have configured the AuthPayX software and hardware with the assistance of AuthPayX Support, and enabled AuthPayX in your MacPractice preferences, you can use MacPractice to process credit card transactions. MacPractice supports paymentsrefunds, and reverse payments.

AuthPayX - Usage - Payments
The most common transaction you will perform with MacPractice and AuthPayX is a simple credit or debit card payment. To begin, you will go to a patient's ledger, and select Patient Payment Card from the Payments menu. You will notice some differences between the AuthPayX payment window and the normal MacPractice payment window.


Enter the payment amount as usual, then you will need to enter the card information. You can do this in three ways:

  • Swipe the patient's card in the magnetic card reader
  • Enter the card information manually in the Expiration Date and Card # fields
  • Select an existing card from the Card # menu.
Continue entering payment information as you would normally, then click Save. You will see the new payment listed on the patient's ledger. Double-click the payment to reopen the payment window. You will have one of three results:
  • If an Auth# and Tran# are listed on the right side of the window, the payment was successful.
  • An Insufficient Funds error indicates the card cannot cover the full payment amount. Try using another form of payment.
  • If you receive a Card Processing Error, this indicates the AuthPayX application may not be working correctly. If the Card Processing Error indicates you have an Invalid Store Key, this means your AuthPayX serial number is incorrect. Contact AuthPayX Support for assistance. MacPractice cannot resolve these errors.
NOTE: MacPractice can only address issues that occur within the MacPractice software, such as issues within the ledger and information that is entered into the ledger. The MacPractice software has no control over the AuthPayX software or hardware to access other functions of the AuthPayX software (aside from Payments and Refunds). For assistance on addressing issues with the AuthPayX software or hardware please consult AuthPayX Support Department.

AuthPayX - Usage - Refunds & Reverse Payments
You can also use MacPractice and AuthPayX to issue credit card refunds. Select the payment you wish to refund, then go to the Other menu and select Refund. (Note: You can only refund unapplied payments. You may need to unapply the payment before refunding.)

The original Payment Date, Transaction ID, and Authorization Code will be listed in the refund window, as well as the Last 4 Digits of the card used, and the Original Amount of the payment. Enter the amount you wish to refund to the card in the Refund Amount field, and a Reference Number, then click Ok. The refund will be processed.

To reverse a credit card payment, select Reverse Payment from the Other menu. The window will have the same fields as the refund window, but you will be unable to change the Refund Amount; the full payment will be reversed. For more information, see Reverse Payments.

To refund a credit card payment by check (or a method other than using the AuthPayX credit card refund), you must uncheck "Use AuthPayX for Credit Card Payment" in Preferences > Ledger > Payment > Patient Payment, issue the refund, and then recheck the preference if necessary.

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