MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing - Getting Started

MacPractice has partnered with Updox to provide a secure HIPAA-compliant method for electronically faxing documents outside of your software. It also allows incoming faxes to be imported directly into your MacPractice.

A video about MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing can be found Here.

First, go into MacPractice Preferences > Abilities and click the Fetch License button. When prompted, log out and log back in.

Next, right click on the Toolbar and select Customize Toolbar from the menu that appears. Drag the Faxing icon onto the Toolbar.


In the MacPractice Preferences, select Faxing. (See the Preferences subject in this topic for more information)

Enter the Updox Username, Updox Password, and Updox Integration Key.

Log out of MacPractice and then log back in for these changes to take effect.

Click on the Faxing Icon. Users may be prompted to enter the Username and Password on the first log in.

MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing is now ready to use.

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