MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing - Navigating Items

This section addresses how to navigate the items within MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing.

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You can also refer to our How to Use the Faxing Ability guided learning article.


When you open up an item inside MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing you'll see a combination of some of the following:

  • Send Item
  • Comment
  • Archive
  • Mark As Spam
  • Options
  • Actions
Send Item will allow you to forward the item to another recipient.
Comment will allow you to add a comment to the Item.
Clicking Archive will move the Item to the Archive folder.
If you see the Mark as Spam button, you can press it and the Item will move to the Spam folder.

If you choose Options, you'll be able to choose from the following:
  • View Audit Trail - This lets you see the history of the Item.
  • Print - You can print the Item.
  • Download PDF - You can save the Item on your computer as a PDF.
  • Mark Read - This will mark the Item as read.
  • Mark Unread - This will mark the Item as unread.
  • Route Item - This will allow you to send the Item to another user.
The Actions tab has the following options for the attachments in the Item:
  • Select All
  • Select None
  • Rotate All 90°
  • Rotate All -90°
  • Flip All
These options will affect the Attachments in your Items.
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