MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing - Faxing Ability Toolbar

The Toolbar that goes across the top of the Faxing screen has many helpful tools. This documentation will give you a brief overview of different toolbar functions. For more detailed information, please contact Updox, or refer to our How to Use the Faxing Ability guided learning article.

  • Menu
  • Select All
  • Expand/Collapse All
  • Compose New Message
  • Open Address Book
  • Types
  • Tags
  • Spaces
  • Sort
  • Search


This will allow you to Search through all of your messages. You can also look through multiple pages of messages using the navigation buttons.

You can choose the Workspaces messages are assigned to (practice, private, etc.)

With this, you can filter by a specific color tied to the Types designated.

This is a filter that allows you to filter by which Types of messages you'd like to look at (fax, email, etc.)

Open Address Book
This button will direct you to your MacPractice Integrated Network Faxing Address Book. (You can sync all of your Patients and Contacts in MacPractice to this Address Book from the Preferences Menu.)

Compose New Message
This is the button you will want to press if you want to create a new message.


Expand/Collapse All
This button will allow you to expand or collapse every message in the box you're currently in.


Select All
This check box allows you to select every message in the box you're currently in.


The Menu takes you into the Faxing Menu, which contains several customization and setting options that govern the Faxing Ability. Refer to Updox's documentation for more details on all the functionality.

This tab allows you to adjust the order in which your message appear.

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